02 January 2011

Hack Condition Zero (Aimbot,walling,Autoaim)

Hii Guys

This Post is about Hacking condition zero for online or offline.With the help of below Hacking software u can hack condition zero or Counter strike by getting autoaim,walling,aimboting

Hacking Soft
1) opengl
2) vdc project
3) Mayem

Vdc Project:-


* Hitbox Style Aimbot
* Bone Style Aimbot
* Origin Style Aimbot
* Auto Pistol
* Smooth Aiming
* Randomized Aiming
* Triggerbot
* Adjustable Aim Spots
* FOV or Distance Based Aiming

* Wallhacks
* Fullbright
* Nightmode
* Whitewalls
* Entity Glow
* Outline Walls
* Wireframe
* Super Flashlight
* Nosky
* Thirdperson
* Remove Gun
* Crosshair
* Scope Removal
* Quake Guns for selected mods

* Radar w/ Overview

* Name ESP
* Entity ESP
* Weapon ESP
* Sprite ESP
* Box ESP
* Distance ESP
* Spiked Models
* Barrel Effects
* Reload Meters
* Entity Glow
* Player Glow
* Target Lights
* Sound ESP
* Adjustable ESP positions

* LTFX Speedhack
* Bunnyhop
* Duck Jump
* Grenade Dodge
* Autofollow
* Turn Hack
* Spinhack

* Clock
* Clean Screenshots
* Winamp
* Mouse Driven GUI-Works in windowed mode
* Console
* Scripting Engine
* In-game HLSS

* Anti-Screenshot
* Speed Graph
* Spycam
* Rearview Mirror
* Say-stats
* Stats-box
* Grenade Trace
* Flash Percentage

* Auto Updating Offsets
* Auto Updating Binary
* Seperate MOD saves
* Seperate Menus

Commands And Installation

After you have successfully downloaded Project Mayhem Cheat, open it up with Winrar

1. Double click on the downloaded file.
2. Unzip (Ctrl + A, then drag and drop
into a folder).
3. Open (double-click) "Mayhem.exe" within the folder and click "monitor".
4. You should now have the program open. You don’t need to do
anything else but start your preferred game, so enjoy cheating!

Once you are in-game, and you wish to change settings, you may need to use the following commands:

* delete opens the “console”

* home toggles the “hlss”

* insert opens the “menu”

As you can see, “del”(delete) is the command, and “console” is the effect. With this, you should know that:

* Command delete opens Project Mayhem console
* Command end toggles your multiplayer communication link(by toggle I mean you don’t need to hold it down to keep it on/off)
* Command home opens HLSS (Half-Life Sound Selector) for your microphone spamming needs
* Command insert opens/closes the menu, and saves the cvars you have changed

Treat the Project Mayhem console like the STEAM console,
except for the commands. You won’t be able to use your arrow keys to
highlight menu options in the menu, you will need to use your
mouse (mouse movements to highlight, left click to select, and right
click to go back).
Download Link:-http://hotfile.com/dl/93710990/c879af3/VDC-_Project_Mayhem_Cheat_v3.02_2008-05-13.rar.html 
2) Open Gl
Download it And paste in ur cz or cs directory and then run the game
press f1 to f5 for action
different key uses different hack 
Download link :-http://hotfile.com/dl/93712183/95a3dab/OPENGL32.DLL.html
So Guys Download And enjoy it dont Forget to Post Comment 


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  2. Paste all the files of project mayhem in you CS-CZ folder

    Like C/Program file/ Counter Strike - Condition Zero

    And then run Mayhem first, then locate its icon in your TRAY (Right bottom at your taskbar) right click the icon and click check for updates if there is any update it will be asked if theres none, no action will be taken.
    then just maximize MAYHEM and press MONITOR and minimize it again.

    Start the game,
    Press console (~) key and check if it says "Project Mayhem injection successful"
    Then Connect to any server you want and DONE
    Press Insert Key for the Mayhem settings menu if you want to make some changes.

    AIMBOT works at deathmatches perfeectly rest you call see the enemy coming i wont AIM automatically

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